Effective October 1, 2009, NC House Bill 1465 banned the disposal of wooden pallets in municipal solid waste landfills!  

Are the most popular grade A types of wooden pallets being picked up from your business and the other types being left behind? Do you have a need to get rid of any old, new and unwanted wooden pallets? Are they piling up outside your facility or taking up your warehouse space? Don't have the time or know how to get rid of them? Do you have a need for pallets to use for shipping? We have a solution to meet your pallet needs whether big or small, pick-up or delivery.

We specialize in recycling wooden pallets and can pick up any shape, size, condition or number of wooden pallets from your business. We have a cost effective solution that will work to meet your wooden pallet recycling needs. Saving you time and money with weekly, biweekly, monthly or on call service options. And at the same time you can be assured that you are complying with NC legislation regarding the diposal of wooden pallets.

Before you submit this form, make sure you explain in detail the quantity and quality of pallets you want to buy or dispose of.  Thank You.